Spiritual Integration Coach Certification

6 Month Course Beginning July 14, 2023


Why Add Spiritual Integration Coaching to your Practice?

Because the Pew Research Center reports, “About half of the U.S. public (49%) says they have had a religious or mystical experience, defined as a “moment of sudden religious insight or awakening.”


This means ~ you probably already have “Experiencers” in your practice and you don’t even realize it!


Recognize when a client might be experiencing an awakening, or had a spiritual emergence or emergency and how to empower clients in defining it for themselves.

Learn the components of an individual integration plan and how to support clients at different stages of integration and development in creating their plan.

Differentiate adherence to religious guidelines and spiritual abuse by spiritual teachers and organizations. Understand how to support clients in developing safe spiritual practice.

Develop and demonstrate 6 characteristics of a psycho-spiritually safe support person.

Learn how to safely empower clients who want to make major life changes due to changed worldviews and values.

Describe when spritual experiences may be getting in the way of what is important in the material world and how to safely address it in a session.

Describe the role of the coach in spiritual integration and spiritual emergencies.

Learn how to develop an individualized support system for spiritual integration clients.

Define the varieties of experiences and how to apply different models and stages of integration into your current coaching niche.


Some people may not even understand what is happening or have words to language the changes they are experiencing. This course helps you identify people who may be processing an experience or awakening and prepare you to support them, regardless of your coaching niche.


They may need to find their purpose, or need empowerment to actualize their purpose.


They may need to understand why these experiences are happening and what they mean.

Trust & Safety

They want professionals who understand and validate their experiences who are safe and informed.

Decision Making

They may need to make important life decisions based on the changes the experience created for them,


They may need support handling the discomfort and disbelief of others reactions to their new perspectives.


They may need resources to help them manage difficult experiences.

Classes begin July 14, 2023

If you work as a helping professional, retreat leader, meditation, or yoga instructor ~ do no harm ~
get educated on how to support the fastest-growing underserved population in the world ~
The Awakening and Spiritual Experiencer

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15 - 20 Hours a Month for the Average Student with Exception of the Workshop Days

81 Hours Total

Live In-Class Hours

Live hours include Six 6-hour workshop days, and 18 weeks of  2.5-hour classes, which include 36 hours of in-class practicum sessions.

60 Hours Total


36 Hours of in-class practicum and 24 hours of peer coaching scheduled at your convenience, allowing you to practice the SpiritPath Coaching Method, created by ITTC founder Elizabeth Sabet.

20 + Hours

Independent Study

Independent study consists of required and recommended reading and the review of included resources. You decide!

“"I have had the personal and professional privilege of knowing and collaborating with Elizabeth for the past several years. Her knowledge and experience with spiritually transformative experiences (STE's) are rooted in a powerful, intuitive gift. She is not only versed in the language of STE's and their meaning, purpose, or value, but also how to guide those in the experience in a way that brings safety, comfort, insight, and stabilization. If you have the opportunity to learn from or be guided by Elizabeth in this lifetime, you are among the fortunate few to be imparted spiritual wisdom that is truly life changing!"

Dr. Nicole Piland
Nicole Piland, Ph.D., LMFT Family Therapy Clinic Director, Associate Professor of Practice Texas Tech University”

6 Workshop Days Included

Learn How to Use the SpiritPath Coaching Model

Learn the ITTC signature holistic, spiritual integration coaching model. Learn how to use this multi-purpose model with people who are "awakening", or who are having spiritual experiences, and those who are not.

Identify 23 Categories of Awakening/Spiritual Experiences, and How to Coach Them

While the basic coaching method for experiences stays the same regardless of the experience, each type of experience has it's own nuance and need. You learn the individual needs for each category!

Your Instructors

Elizabeth Sabet

  • Creator of the ITTC Curriculum,
  • Creator of the SpiritPath Coaching Method,
  • Over 14 years of developmental and administrative service to Spiritual Support Non-Profits,
  • Multiple spiritual experiencer
  • International Speaker, Trainer, Coach
  • Over 17 years as a trainer, educator, facilitator, and practice supervisor

Dr. Nicole Gruel

  • Ph.D. in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
  • Coach, Author, Trainer, International Speaker
  • Author of, The Power of NOTES –  Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences
  • Developmental and administrative service to Spiritual Support Non-Profits
  • Near-Death Experiencer
  • Spiritual support group supervisor





As a sign-up bonus, you receive the Transformational Coaching Power Tool created by Elizabeth Sabet, the 24-page guide, How to Coach the Codependent to Interdependency, as a sign-up bonus!




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Do you have financing available?

YES! We do! We work with a revolving credit finance company that offers much lower interest rates for up to two years than most credit cards offer. Contact us today to determine what type of financing you may qualify for.

What if my peer coach and I are not compatible?

You may change peer coaches. While we do strongly encourage you to not have more than one or two coaches, all peer coaching hours will count towards your 30-hour requirement.

How can I communicate with administration and instructors.

You will have phone and email access to the administration staff, and forum access to the instructors.

Why do you teach some of the course during day long workshops?

Workshops allow us to create more experiential learning! We have breakout rooms, practices, meditations, energy work practices, and more that require more than a simple one-hour regular class can provide!

Have More Questions?

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