Transformational/Transpersonal Life Coach Certification


A rich curriculum designed to prepare you for a broad range of coaching clients and niches.


Integrating your values, professional goals, and psycho-spiritual well-being into your coaching practice.


A safe space to learn and grow, personally and professionally, with just the right amount of challenge.

What Makes ITTC's Curriculum Unique?

Confidence to Coach

Learn and practice the essential core skills within the first four modules so you can confidently start charging for sessions with our Associate Certificate.

Perspective Shifting

Discover how to flip a client's disempowered perspective using our PowerShifts Awareness Tool and exercises for quick and lasting awareness and change.

Depth Value Assessments

You learn how to use Elizabeth's Depth Value Assessment to create a deep understanding of how and why clients make choices, and teach them how to use this information to self-coach when facing dilemmas.

Professional Coach Presence

Develop the presence and poise of a highly effective coach capable of being with the whole client, leading from Presence instead of a set agenda or method.

Cutting Through Resistance

Learn methods to gently move through a client's resistance to knowing their truth in 5 minutes or less that creates more self-love and confidence for your client.

Increase Client Results

Learn ways to increase your client's results, satisfaction with the coaching process, and return on their investment.

Transpersonal Techniques

Learn several somatic, shamanic, and energy practices to help clients shift into an empowered Self-image and positive action. Learn when to use them, and when not to use them.

Coaching Readiness Testing

Learn how to protect your business and your clients by knowing when a client is ready to be coached, and what to do if they are not in a way that preserves your client's well-being.

18 Month Online Resource Access & Physcial Textbooks

Each module of The Master Transformational-Transpersonal Coaching Course provides you with a comprehensive curriculum that you may DOWNLOAD AND KEEP FOREVER. The EXTRA RESOURCES and LIVE CLASS RECORDINGS MAY BE DOWNLOADED too!

Our education is thorough and robust. To enhance your learning and begin collecting for your professional coaching library, we require you to purchase several widely respected coaching textbooks listed in your syllabus.

Open Enrollment ~ Start Anytime

Everything Included in the ITTC Comprehensive Coach Certification Program


13 - 20 Hours a Month for the Average Student with Exception of the Workshop Days

189 Hours Total

Live In-Class Hours

Live hours include 117 hours of live classroom instruction + 52 Hours of Self-Study + 17 hours of in-class practicum + 3 hours of private mentor coaching = 189 program hours.

6 Hours

Additional Private Coaching

You receive 3 private coaching hours with your Personal Education Coach and 3 private coaching hours with Elizabeth that you may use for any purpose, personal or professional.

30 Hours

Peer Practicum

30 hours of Peer Coaching allows you to practice your unique coaching method with a fellow student scheduled at your convenience.

20 – 99 hours

Independent Study

Independent study consists of required reading, completion of graduation requirements, review of your free resources, and recommended reading. You decide!

6 Workshop Days Included in Your Program

Conscious Business Development

The Conscious Business Development Course is taught over a 4 day period. You will need to plan to be available for two full Friday and Saturdays every other week to complete this course requirement. Please see the CBD page on this site for more details.

Transformational Coaching with Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Dr. Rosie Kuhn teaches her signature Four Domains Coaching Method in two full-day sessions. Please see your course calendar for the dates.

Our Instructors Walk the Talk

Each ITTC Instructor has been hand-picked by the founder for their fierce commitment to being what they teach. Each is an innovator in her field. Each has created community, books, courses, and resources while demonstrating a strong commitment to conscious leadership.  Learn more about your instructors.


You learn how to create professional coaching tools needed to demonstrate professional credibility and promote your business. In Module Two you begin creating:

  • Your Coaching Niche
  • Your Coaching Model
  • Unique Assessment Tools to Support Your Model
  • Client Welcome Packets
  • Client Intake Paperwork
  • Thought Leadership Articles
  • Case Studies to Demonstrate Your Work
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