We are thrilled to introduce you to our graduates!
Each with their own unique method and model, ready to support and empower you to
gain the clarity you need to accomplish all you want!

Erika Nimry ~ Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Embodied Movement Mentor & Somatic Coach

Explorer Extraordinaire & Self Awareness Queen

I do lots of things & I’ve lived many lives. But exploration & expression are at the heart of all the many ways I show up in life.

I’m great at providing perspective and presenting deep concepts in approachable ways you can actually use in your life – immediately.

I love using astrology and human design for the self-awareness they facilitate and value their role, but, I’m not a conventional reader.

I bring depth and confidence to your felt, lived experience and bring you back to the safety and knowing that lies in your feeling body.

Jamie Mears ~ Lubbock, Texas

Marketing Coach

I am an expert in coaching to capture a brand’s essence, market identity, messaging, and online presence.

My business and marketing background provides deep insights and simple, cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Jamie holds a Bachelors in Visual Communications and presents 18 years of experience in Marketing Development, Digital Design, and Brand Consulting.

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Adji Cisse ~ Dakar, Senegal

Life Balance Coach

My philosophy is that a meaningful, fulfilling life is attainable when you connect to your most authentic self.

Using my Emotional Awareness Process and other tools, I help you discover how to create authentic harmony and balance in your work and personal life. In the Greek language, this is called Eudaimonia.

As your traveling companion, I help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be, develop increased self-awareness and transformational shifts, and support conscious choice-making toward the life you want. By the end of our journey together, you will be your own self-empowerment coach!

LANGUAGES: Wolof, French, English


Jennifer Carbone Cumberbatch ~ White Plains, New York

Holistic Life Design Coach, Spiritual Integration Coach & Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

I help amazing women develop the ability to create space for the new idea or business that’s been waiting on the sidelines,  resolve conflicts they believe are holding them back, and help set healthy boundaries and manage stress.

I help you recognize the interconnectedness of yourself with your physical environment, family, relationships, culture, community, and networks; and how to integrate your goals into all that you hold dear.

Together we discover how to empower you to become the CEO of your own life from a place of integrity, self-love, and self-respect.

Jessica Ruby Hernandez ~Santa Cruz, California

Therapist, Spiritual Integration Coach

My passion is working with individuals who feel lost and overwhelmed, due to past trauma or a major life change, and need some guidance in re-establishing their sense of well-being & self-connectedness as they navigate creating a meaningful life. Often, these people also identify as Highly Sensitive, Empath, or Introvert, and they may have had a recent spiritually transformative or transpersonal experience (STE).

My holistic health + yoga/meditation background provides you with a Wholeness-oriented approach to psychotherapy.

 Working with me may include EFT Tapping, Mindfulness practices, Somatic exercises, Ecotherapy, and/or Creative Expression.

In Memorium


Carolyn Marsalis

As well as a dear friend, Carolyn Marsalis, was instrumental in supporting improvements to the ITTC curriculum. She is loved and missed by many.

Carolyn had worked in the counseling, training, and coaching fields for almost 30 years. She held a master’s degree in education, counseling, human development, and a certification in holistic health coaching. Carolyn was a Master Coach. Additionally, she was a SoulCollage® facilitator, a WRAP® facilitator, an international speaker, and an author.

In recent years, Carolyn had facilitated programs designed to assist people in recovery from mental distress/illness as they return to full participation in their lives. She developed a coaching program utilizing a blend of dietary modification, coaching sessions, movement, and art to personalize coaching programs for her clients.

The coaching Carolyn provided was grounded in simplicity, spirituality, and clarity, allowing for focused aspiration and creativity in all endeavors.  Her coaching clientele has included teachers, parents, students, ministers, attorneys, healthcare practitioners, university professors, and senior-level managers in various stages of career and life transition at Kraft, Pillsbury, Chili’s, Google, Starbuck’s, and YellowBook. Additionally, she has assisted numerous individuals in growing their businesses, from being the personal provider of services to a small businesses with employees.

As a graduating student of ITTC, Carolyn was so happy to assist students in their extraordinary coaching education process.